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A “Fresh Start” for Herefordshire


New Council, New Names, New Faces?

On May 7th this year, we will have a new Herefordshire Council. We will have fewer councillors (53) and each local area (or ward) will have just one councillor.


Many wards will have new names and boundaries. Also, many long-standing councillors are retiring next year. So, the new-look Council will be quite different in appearance.

This is an exciting time to get involved in a “fresh start” for Herefordshire.


If you are keen to help your local community and interested in becoming a candidate, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions and explain what is involved in becoming a local councillor.

You can email us at; [email protected]


you can click here to fill in a volunteer form - just let us know you are interested in the comment box.

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