Summer Survey 2021

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Arts, Culture, Sports & Leisure


We are committed to protecting the County’s thriving arts, culture, sports and leisure sectors. These are essential in providing opportunities for the local community.

They also net substantial income, are a vital contributor to local tourism, are a major draw when businesses are considering relocating into the County and a powerful tool in the recruitment of employees from outside the County. We welcome the establishment of the Herefordshire Cultural Partnership.

We congratulate the Partnership in its successful bid for substantial funding which will give birth to many locally based projects throughout the County.

These services are valued by local people and we will fight to protect them.

A Liberal Democrat led council will:

  • Support arts organisations, museums, galleries, libraries and tourist attractions. We will continue to support libraries across the county, both voluntary and county run.
  • Support the Herefordshire Cultural Partnership in aiming to ensure that there are opportunities to engage with cultural activity throughout the County.
  • Work with the museums service and HARC to continue developing the excellent resources we have available within the county.
  • Place high priority in supporting cultural and sports activities for young people.
  • Work in partnership with key local organisations and institutions recognising that even modest financial support will help to attract funding from the Arts Council, Sports Council, etc.
  • Focus on providing a wider range of cultural and sport opportunities for the County’s rural communities.
  • Support more outreach projects such as Made in Ross.
  • Work with Halo to provide high quality sports facilities and improve access to these services.
  • Make the most of council assets for health and wellbeing.
  • Support Hereford Football Club in developing better facilities at their Edgar Street ground.
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