Across the country, people are volunteering to help their communities through the Coronavirus outbreak.

That’s why we’re making this page with links to online resources produced by volunteers and public bodies available. Clicking on links or on the images will take you to other web pages, we do not endorse any of these sites, they are purely to give information.

Please use them and share them with your friends and neighbours. We will be updating it regularly as more resources become available, please do get in touch if you feel there is something we haven't included yet. 

Herefordshire -

Across Herefordshire there are many different groups and charities helping in the fight against Coronavirus.

Herefordshire Council -

Leading the fight is the Herefordshire county Council. During this time they are providing information and helping support local residents. Below is some links to help you find information you may be after.

  • The Council are keeping a daily update of information, which can be viewed at
  • If you are wanting to volunteer during this time, you can find out more at . The council do need more people to assist them with their Talk Community response, so if you can help please contact the council’s Talk Community Covid-19 response team on 01432 260027 or email [email protected]
  • Due to social distancing rules and advice to minimise travel, bus operators will be reducing travel times, to see how the services are affected, please visit - Herefordshire Bus Timetable
  • WISH have details of over 100 local businesses, which are offering a fantastic range of grocery and meal delivery services across Herefordshire. Find what you need in your area, at .wish community support

Local Charities & Groups -

  • During this lock down, the local food bank is offering help, but is also in need of donations. To find out more visit
  • The Hereford Bid have been providing up to date information to local business, which can be followed at herefordbid news
  • In Ross-on-Wye, the Ross Good Neighbour Scheme is helping local residents who are in isolation or in need. To find out more visit
  • On Facebook, there is the Hereford Rotary Covid 19 page, that is full of local information. This can be found at Hereford Rotary COVID-19 Volunteers
  • Also on the Hereford Rotary Covid 19 Page, a member has created a list of companies doing deliveries in Herefordshire. There is a PDF which can be viewed at Covid Group Delivery list

Government -

During this time the government has put out many different sources of information on coronavirus, so to help we have put some links below to help guide you to pages you may need.

Other Resources -

With elections set to happen in May 2021, you may want to consider becoming a postal voter. You can become a postal voter by downloading a form from apply-for-a-postal-vote and sending it to Electoral Services, Town Hall, St Owen Street, Hereford, HR1 2PJ

There are additional resources on our National Website, which can be found by clicking here

The CAB have a full list of of advice and links at coronavirus-what-it-means-for-you/

A guide helping consumers and small businesses determine the financial steps to take while riding out the coronavirus pandemic can be viewed at: managing-finances-during-coronavirus-outbreak/

If you wish to help the NHS by joining the army of volunteers, click here

Here is a guide about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you, like many others, are worried about your own or a friend/family members mental health, the mental health charity Mind has some advice which can be found by clicking here 

If you are looking for a way to track symptoms, there is now an app to self-report symptoms, which can be found by clicking here 

Online resources for you to use

These online resources are produced by volunteers and public bodies.

Please use them and share them with your friends and neighbours. We will be updating it regularly as more resources become available.

People may have concerns about transmitting the virus via paper. Current health advice is that delivering items to people’s letterboxes is ok, as set out in the Royal Mail’s statement on their continuing to deliver the post:

Where can I find the latest advice?

The latest UK Government advice is available at

The latest England medical advice is available at

The latest Scotland medical advice is available at

Taking sensible precautions while helping others

Please take all appropriate medical advice seriously before calling on anyone and look to emulate best practice, such as from online supermarket delivery services.

In particular:

  • Hygiene – washing our hands more regularly soap and water for 20 seconds. You may want to take hand sanitiser (at least 60% alcohol content) out with you.
  • Social distancing – including not shaking hands with residents or colleagues, keeping 2m apart, leaving things on doorsteps

Your ideas

All across the UK communities and individuals are developing new ideas and new resources for how we can care for our neighbours at this difficult time. If you’ve developed a community resource and would like it shared on this site, email us at [email protected]