Summer Survey 2021

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Redhill - City Councillor - Daniel Powell


My family have lived in Hereford for many generations and I have had the opportunity to go to school, college and now work in the area. I help coach rugby at Hereford Rugby Club and volunteer with Homestart.

I want to help make our city something we can be proud of. I feel that not enough is being done to help improve the area.

Many parents have complained about the lack of play equipment. All ages talk about the speeding and lack of crossings on local roads. In my recent survey, a lack of police presence and antisocial behaviour were raised as issues that concerned over 70%.
Redhill deserves better.

That’s why if you vote for me on Thursday 2nd May to become your City and County Councillor, I would work hard to make these changes happen.

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01432 265528

[email protected]


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