Summer Survey 2021

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Farming & Renewable Energy


Farming’s role has always been diverse: food, environment protection and increasingly energy production for the country. Farmers are integrating energy and food production to build businesses that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

Diversification into low-carbon renewable energy provides farmers and growers with a stable future income. Their businesses will be more resilient, as well as helping our county with future energy production.

Herefordshire could become an energy neutral county, which would benefit us all.

A Liberal Democrat led council will:

  • Make sure new builds include some form of green energy to help make Herefordshire become energy neutral.
  • Make it easier to convert old farm buildings to allow local farm businesses to develop.
  • Work with farmers to turn empty land space into green energy farms.
  • Implement new forms of technology to help reduce energy bills and improve the environment. E.g. the implementation of new wind trees into the city centre to help power street lights and other sources.
  • Help promote existing food and drink businesses through better tourism infrastructure within the county and work with other local bodies to help develop and promote existing and new businesses.
  • Encourage further development of Bio energy projects which already exist within Herefordshire. We will work to help these projects and farmers to be sustainable and increase the diversity of energy production within the county.
  • Help promote the existing tourist routes around the County and develop new ones.
  • Work with rural communities and local police teams to help prevent rural crime and to improve detection rates.
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