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Health and Social Care in Herefordshire


The NHS has been the envy of the world, but it is now facing the greatest crisis in its history and we urgently need to increase its funding.

As a country, we are living longer, but that means more people are living with conditions like diabetes and dementia and they need help to live with dignity and the maximum degree of independence. We must set the highest standards in care, abolishing the artificial boundaries that prevent health and social care services working together.

Health and wellbeing are affected by far more than just the quality of health and social care services, so we will work to improve the wider factors that affect people’s health such as warm homes, clean air and access to exercise and healthy food so that everyone can have the best chance to lead a healthy life.

A Liberal Democrat led council will:

  • Make sure Hereford Hospital remains open.
  • Support our local community hospitals and make sure they keep the beds and resources they need.
  • Make sure that any money raised for Health or Social Care remains ring-fenced.
  • Work to increase the number of NHS dentists throughout Herefordshire.
  • Push for Public Health organisations to work with other organisations that already exist to maintain services and save money.
  • Lobby for better resources to help with mental health care.
  • Work with carers to make sure they are supported in the valuable service they provide with respite, and help accessing information and funding.
  • Help organisations like Carers Support, NAS, MIND, etc to continue their great work and support carers.
  • Support the work of The Courtyard in its outstanding and highly successful dementia programme.
  • Provide support to families who need information and services.
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