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Herefordshire public sector funding & budget


Herefordshire Council faces a combination of rising costs and reducing funding from central government. The Council faces a budget shortfall of £19.2M over the three years starting April 2018.

This means that the council will need to reduce costs or find additional income to cover the gap.

The current council has decided to raise Council Tax by 4.9% for 2018/19.

We need a people based campaign to lobby MPs and Government to change this.

In the meantime it is a case of prioritising local needs.

A Liberal Democrat led council will:

  • Work with town and parish councils and other public bodies to create pooled budgets for local areas. This would lead to more efficient services, better tailored to local areas and make it easier for Herefordians to influence decisions that affect them.
  • Work more closely with other public bodies in the county as well as the voluntary sector and businesses to create more joined up services designed for what people need, not what the council thinks would be best.
  • Work with MPs to lobby government for powers to make more decisions that affect Herefordshire in Herefordshire rather than London, Birmingham or Cardiff.
  • Work closely with Parish, Town and City Councils. They spend £3.8m a year. We will work closely with them to ensure money is spent on local priorities and help to reduce costs.
  • Look at ways that the County Council funding can be linked with education, fire and police budgets to save money in all areas.
  • Re-balance capital spending in favour of housing and social services. Capital spend is currently £92m a year.
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