Summer Survey 2021

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Local Economy & Tourism


Herefordshire’s local economy is based on a few big companies and many small and self employed businesses.

Herefordshire is also a large farming community, we must make sure that measures are in place to help them thrive and diversify if necessary with national changes.

Unlike other counties, we don’t have just one large hub (Hereford City), but also have many smaller market towns and villages that make up our economic network. We must ensure that we look after and keep up maintenance and connectivity with these areas, and have the tools in place to attract new businesses to the County.

A Liberal Democrat led council will:

  • Fight for a County to be proud of and one that encourages people to visit and stay. We will create caretakers (Lengthsmen scheme) within the city. We will also continue to fund in towns and villages, to focus on removing litter, weeds and keeping up the maintenance of roads, signs and public areas.
  • Work with existing groups and recognise the volunteers who make sure local areas are kept clean. Provide them with tools to help keep up this great community work.
  • Continue to work for Internet, mobile phone signal and fibre to be completely rolled out across the County, so no home is without these vital tools.
  • Encourage tourism and tourist information throughout the County, signposting to help all local initiatives to thrive.
  • Work with organisations that are already working to promote the County and encourage a coordinated County plan on how to develop these projects.
  • Re-open and maintain toilets in the City, Market Towns and villages.
  • Support local businesses to grow by spending more money with local companies and employees.
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