Summer Survey 2021

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Looking Forward


As Herefordshire celebrates 20 years as a Unitary Council, after we successfully split away from Worcestershire, we felt it was time to look at the future and talk about how to help Herefordshire thrive as a County. We want to look at the opportunities for us to grow and showcase all that Herefordshire has to offer.

In 2019, the Conservative Government will be cutting all funding to local councils, which means we will have to raise money to fund the county from council tax, business rates and local resources. This will leave a massive hole in the budget which will affect many services around the county.

As a local party, we are looking at ways to have a positive impact on how Herefordshire is run. What you are about to read has been drawn up by our members, candidates and Councillors.

We have elections across the whole county in 2019. We wanted to use this opportunity to discuss with you, our fellow residents, Herefordshire’s future.

With funding changes and the uncertainty of the outcome of Brexit, we will continue to listen to people and changing circumstances as they develop.

Please take the time to read this, and get in touch to help us shape Herefordshire’s future.

Herefordshire Liberal Democrats

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