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Lucy Hurds - Why we should REMAIN


Like many of your readers I am proud to be Herefordian, British and European. Currently the UK has the best of both worlds with trade deals free of tariffs, duties and quotas with the largest market, whilst also being able to sign any new agreements with any other country, as we have with China. We have our own sovereignty or we could not be having this referendum and we work in peace with nations across the world

Immigration is a major concern to many people but our problem is more integration rather than immigration. We have a history of welcoming workers from across the world, with a large influx in a short time this has made getting to know our neighbours and helping them to become part of our communities harder.

EU workers contribute 34% more in taxes than they receive in benefits, this money helps pay for our NHS and Pensions which cannot continue without people paying in to support them, with an aging population more of that has to come from encouraging workers from abroad.

Measures are already in place to stop EU migrants claiming benefits for at least 3 months and even then they have to prove they are in work or genuinely looking before claiming anything. DWP show that only 0.5% of benefit claimants come from Central and Eastern Europe.

Some ways we have benefitted from the EU over the last five years within the West Midlands are;

● 250,000 jobs linked to trade with the EU
● 228 investment projects creating or protecting over 16000 jobs.
● £305 million providing training and apprenticeships
● £341.3 million creating 13381 jobs and supporting 1896 business start-ups.

For these and many more reasons I think we are in a stronger position using our influence to improve the EU rather than removing ourselves. I am campaigning for us to REMAIN and strengthen our Country’s future.

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