Summer Survey 2021

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Meeting Herefordshire's housing needs


With over 5000 people forced off social housing lists and many people and families living in temporary or overcrowded conditions, we know that there is an urgent need for actual affordable housing in Herefordshire.

We will invest in building homes at affordable prices for local need.

We will improve rural housing and help the next generation and key workers to be able to afford to live in the communities in which they live and work.

Housing is needed for people already living in the area in unsuitable or overcrowded conditions.

A Liberal Democrat led council will:

  • Work alongside Housing Associations to build more housing to meet local need.
  • Ensure that developers construct homes that meet identified local needs. We need to include things such as 1 or 2 bedroom builds, looking at the designs of buildings and number of houses that meet local demand not developer aims.
  • Encourage renting on a long-term basis and at the affordable rent rate. Reward landlords who provide good or excellent accommodation by not charging them Council Tax on empty properties for 1 month during tenancy changes.
  • Reduce fuel poverty by enabling the insulation of old and poorly insulated properties and encourage housing associations to convert from storage heaters to ground source heating or solar to reduce heating bills.
  • Improve private rental standards for buy-to-let and other properties.
  • Use an opt in scheme to encourage applications from villages looking for development rather than imposing plans on areas.
  • Implement “Housing First” and support other projects working with homeless people throughout the county.
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