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New Year’s Resolution update with 300 days to go!

Lucy's made a pledge to knock on every door in Hereford and South Herefordshire (all 39,367) before May 2015, find out how she is doing!


Would-be Lib Dem MP Lucy Hurds is making good progress in her New Year pledge.

In January, she said “I am sure that the best way to understand residents’ concerns and to be able to deal with their issues, is to visit and listen to local people.

There are 39,367 doors in the constituency and we aim to knock on every one of them in the next 16 months. We will be leaving numbered cards, so people will be able to judge our progress as we get nearer the General Election.”



Now, with 300 days to go until next year’s General Election, she has visited almost 6,500 homes in the constituency.

“Since the arrival of the better weather and lighter nights, the pace has really picked up” Lucy told us.

“People have been surprised to see me and generally given me a warm welcome. I’m often stopped in Hereford and asked what number I’ve reached”


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