Summer Survey 2021

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Our Children's future


The Teachers and Governors in our schools deserve our support and enough money to educate our children. Many schools manage on very little and get penalised by lower budgets.

Due to continued cuts in funding to our schools, many are facing decisions to cut back on curriculum subjects or lay off much needed staff. Parents are being asked to help pay for day to day necessities as well as any outings or trips.

Some parents are feeling forced to teach their children at home as they do not fit into the existing system and there is no funding to help them.

The food bank reports an increase in referrals during school holidays as too many families are relying on school meals to feed their children.

A Liberal Democrat led council will:


  • Improve pre school support for working parents and help close the gap in achievement in the under 5’s within the County. We will do this by providing more facilities, working together in coordinated projects
  • Help support out of school hours projects and families who need support.
  • Promote assets the County has in education:

1. Number of outstanding schools, (lobby for them to receive proper funding)
2. High rated Sixth Form College, (stop the cuts to post 16 education)
3. Nationally recognised College of Art and Royal National College for the Blind

  • Support the University project and other Further Education provisions. We will ensure opportunities are created by the new university in respect of economic development, education and bringing high qualification/skilled jobs to the county.
  • Reinstate local training opportunities for local companies and organisations’ needs. E.g. Provide training within Hereford for nurses to work in Herefordshire hospitals and support cyber training at Skylon Park.
  • Bring together businesses, schools and other education providers to make sure local children and adults are getting advice and training that leads to future local employment.
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