Great GAINS made at Local elections

6 May 2023

Herefordshire County Council

It was a great result for Herefordshire Liberal Democrats at the Local Elections. Not only HOLDING 5 existing county seats, but also gaining 7 more ! 


Polly Andrews - Widemarsh

Terry James - Kington

Kevin Tillett - Hinton & Hunderton

Chris Bartrum- Ross North

Louis Stark - Ross West



Dan Powell - Redhill

Rob Owens - Bobblestock

Jacqui Carwardine - Newton Farm

Ed O'Driscoll - Ross East

Aubrey Oliver - Saxon Gate

Mark Dykes - Belmont Rural 

Ben Proctor - College

Hereford City Council

On Hereford City Council we increased our number of seats to 12 taking control of the Council. 

Alex Griffiths - Saxon Gate

Paul Stevens - Racecourse

Polly Andrews - Widemarsh

Dan Powell - Redhill

Rob Owens - Bobblestock

Kevin Tillett & Cat Hornsey for Hinton & Hunderton

Sam Potts - Eign Hill

Jacqui Carwardine & Mark Dykes - Newton Farm

Ben Proctor - College

Debbie Hobbs - Kingsacre

Ross Town Council

In Ross on Wye , we maintained control of the Town Council with 11 Lib Dems Elected .

In Ross East - Corina Lodea, Ed O'Driscoll, Bev Pope & Michelle Setchfield

In Ross West- Linden Delves, Sarah Freer, Louis Stark & Julian Utting

In Ross North - Chris Bartrum, Dan Ciolte & John Winder


Elsewhere in the County Lib Dem Clive Thomas maintained his seat on Leominster Town Council as did both Phillip Howells & Matthew Eakin on Ledbury Town Council.