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To get search on your new website you need to sign up to Google Custom Search. It's a really simple process.

How to add Google Custom Search

To add Google Custom Search:

  1. Set up CSE for each MP subnation here:
  2. Use these options:
    Setup > Look and feel > Layout: choose full-width
    Setup > Look and feel > Theme: choose minimalist
  3. Save the widget code and copy the ID (it will look something like this: 017910559167023294292:ifuslmfiiqw)
  4. In your NationBuilder site, navigate to the /search page's settings (If your nation does not have a /search page, create one: type basic, published so that anyone can see
  5. Tag the page sys_search and sys_search_id_GOOGLE_CUSTOM_SEARCH_ENGINE_ID.  Make sure to separate those tags with a comma, so that they look like this: sys_search, sys_search_id_017910559167023294292:ifuslmfiiqw.
  6. Save the page.
  7. To disable Google search, remove the tag sys_search" from page "/search" 
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