Herefordshire Lib Dem’s standing candidates in ALL wards

17 Apr 2023

Now all nominations have been announced we know that Herefordshire Liberal Democrat's are the only party with candidates in both Hereford City and Herefordshire County Council Elections which take place on 4th May.  

In fact 9 of our candidates have already been elected to Hereford City Council unopposed Kevin Tillett, Dan Powell, Rob Owens, Sam Potts, Polly Andrews , Ben Proctor, Cat Hornsey, Jacqui Carwardine & Mark Dykes. All these candidates are also standing for Herefordshire County Council Election.  In Ross 4 Candidates in the Ross East Ward have been elected unopposed to the Ross Town Council, Ed O'Driscoll ( Also standing for County Council) , Bev Pope, Michelle Setchfield & Corine Lodea. In Ledbury Phillip Howells and Matthew Eakin have both been elected to Ledbury Town Council unopposed and will both also stand for Herefordshire Council Council and finally in Leominster Clive Thomas have been elected to Leominster Town Council unopposed.